Oil and Gas Reclamation. Real Results.

Surface reclamation is about to get a lot easier thanks to Apex.

Oil and gas (O&G) operators must adhere to strict surface reclamation requirements enforced by federal and state regulatory agencies. That means they must restore the natural landform, vegetation, hydrology, and wildlife habitats to the same condition the land was in before they disturbed it for their operations. That is tough enough for many O&G companies but for those in Colorado, it’s particularly dicey. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission adds what the Bureau of Land Management calls “the most stringent state standards in the country.” Factor in the O&G industry’s ever-shifting regulatory and consulting teams, and it becomes even more complex. All this uncertainty translates into increased costs and compliance delays, which in turn keeps operating capital tied up in bonds regulatory agencies won’t return until the surface reclamation is complete.

Thankfully, for our client, with over 700 sites currently requiring surface reclamation, our program manager stepped in with an innovative way to use our proprietary environmental management information system, ARTEMISSM, to proactively solve their challenges.

Our team knew that using ARTEMIS would keep our client’s regulatory balls in the air. While that alone is nothing new, as ARTEMIS has helped many satisfied O&G clients do the same, our team’s concept—to encapsulate the entire reclamation process in ARTEMIS—is. Apex shared this vision with our client and they contracted us to make it happen. ARTEMIS will track and capture each facet of the surface reclamation process including stormwater, invasive species, soil stabilization, erosion control, hazardous waste removal, flowline capping, pit closing, land grading, and vegetation planting. Once complete, our client will gain a clear understanding of what has been done, what’s in progress, and what needs to be tackled in the future. Similarly, Apex will be able to seamlessly connect our project managers across every service line we provide for the client, digitally spurring the next phase of work. And, in addition to helping our client with its current site portfolio, the solution can also be readily deployed for other O&G clients throughout the US.

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