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As a defense expert in multiple lawsuits, our root cause analysis showed that gasoline piping problems resulted from substandard installation and maintenance, not defective piping, as alleged, and the cases were settled for substantially reduced fees.

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Investigating an environmental insurance claim, our fuel fingerprinting revealed that the contamination from spilled fuel, in the aquifer, pre-dated the policy, shifting the $1M remediation cost to prior site owners.


When your reputation and/or bottom line are at stake, you need sound, defensible data and the highest caliber environmental experts. Successful resolution of environmental matters hinges on an in-depth understanding of multi-faceted, and often continually evolving, environmental laws; statutes; regulations (e.g. RCRA, CERCLA, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act); and federal, state and local level guidance. And beyond expertise, it demands a passion for uncovering what lies beneath the surface, literally and figuratively.

Our environmental forensics; contaminant fingerprinting; due diligence; and site assessment, identification, investigation, and characterization services delineate physical, biological, and chemical challenges within soil, sediment, groundwater, surface water, drinking water, and waste. Whether you face an oil spill, a gas release, or you need to challenge contaminant source/age/extent or address any other environmental issue(s), Apex can help you move from data capture, root cause analysis, modeling, and interpretation to a definitive decision regarding liability and costs.

But at Apex, we take transaction and litigation support a step further. We provide the most effective technical communication at the highest and most strategic level. To capture critical environmental data, especially when it involves historical use disputes and litigious measures, is one thing. To concisely convey what you capture is quite another. You need a team who is adept at relaying intricate analytic details, scientific data, and complex technical matters with clarity, accuracy, and simplicity. We do that while maintaining a clear and undisputed focus on your business goals. Our ability to effectively present pertinent, technical information so it is quickly and easily understood has been proven time and time again.

We can help you by:

  • Serving as experts in environmental litigation
  • Representing plaintiffs and defendants across the private and public sectors
  • Quantifying liability allocation among potentially responsible parties (PRPs)
  • Participating in environmental mediation
  • Performing contaminant fate and transport evaluations
  • Formulating measures of toxicity
  • Strategizing on third party claims
  • Conducting source and timing investigations for chemical releases
  • Supporting environmental insurance claims
  • Presenting to concerned citizens at community 'town hall' meetings
  • Allocating remedial costs between multiple responsible parties
  • Negotiating regulatory consent orders and mitigate fines
  • Monetizing future remediation cost in the context of real estate transactions
  • Performing pre-transaction due diligence
  • Facilitating purchasers' ability to use post-closing discovery periods
  • Providing technical input for drafting buyer-seller agreements

Our senior practitioners, across the US, possess decades of experience and unique skillsets to complement a wide variety of projects. Whether you're involved in a property transaction, lawsuit, environmental insurance claim, a multi-party remediation dispute, or a regulatory compliance matter, we have both the expertise to chart the correct path and the depth to support you through final resolution.

Clarity. Accuracy. Simplicity.

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