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One of the largest REITs relies on Apex for services spanning Phase I and II site assessments; voluntary cleanups; asbestos, lead, and mold; indoor air quality; and stormwater inspection/maintenance at over 350 project sites.

port community park site

For a port’s community park site, we researched past land use records, developed site assessment plans, prepared a comprehensive human health risk assessment, and removed five USTs and 1,500 cubic yards of petroleum-impacted soil.

airplane in hangar

Our extensive remedial investigation activities at a former aircraft/aerospace manufacturing facility, including Remedial Design and Implementation Plan (RDIP) development, decreased the trichorethylene (TCE) level by 90%.


Environmental risks and liabilities can impact your earnings, growth, and operational performance. Quantifying and containing your cleanup and closure costs is critical. Property owners, facility managers, and potential buyers and sellers rely on Apex to deliver quality information at reasonable costs, helping them quantify their environmental risks and make well-informed business decisions.

Our ASTM-compliant/All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II investigations, due diligence, and site characterizations not only quantify your soil, groundwater, and facility environmental impacts, our objective and defensible data has been proven to generate regulator trust.

With an extensive understanding of contaminant sources, migration pathways, and regulatory frameworks, we can quickly identify and manage your risk. We evaluate real or perceived environmental liability, anticipate/address any environmental concerns, strategically interpret regulations, and negotiate on your behalf for the best possible outcome. We add value through all stages of your asset lifecycle, from preliminary due diligence and geophysical studies through management and disposition, including all aspects of ongoing compliance and liability management.

Innovation sets us apart. With ARTEMISSM, our cloud-based information management system, we can help prioritize significant findings in real-time with pinpoint accuracy. And with the precision of our High Resolution Site Characterizations and 3D conceptual models that combine scientific principles with Membrane Interface Hydraulic Profiling (MiHPT) technologies, we can easily detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with photoionization, flame ionization, or halogen-specific detectors (PID/FID/XSD) and measure electrical conductivity and injection pressures to capture historical data that may have been previously overlooked.

Reliable data. Reduced Risks. Real-Time Results.

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