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In order for a national commercial developer to finalize a 30-year lease agreement with the federal government, Apex evaluated materials and processes to ensure lease agreement standards were met for a healthy building, minimizing potential for future IAQ issues.


Concerns about indoor air quality are on the rise. Studies have shown that symptoms of “sick building syndrome” affect 10 to 25 million workers in more than one million buildings across the United States. Because of the impact to health, comfort, and productivity of building occupants, indoor air quality is a growing issue among property owners, businesses, building managers, and tenants.

Apex has more than 20 years of experience with indoor air quality investigations, monitoring, analysis, corrective action plans, and training. We have provided both emergency response and proactive indoor air quality solutions in such diverse environments as office buildings, schools, manufacturing plants, utilities, hospitals, museums, restaurants, retail stores, and military facilities. Apex’s indoor air quality team of experts includes industrial hygienists, mechanical engineers, toxicologists, chemists, and microbiologists employing the most current science and technologies.

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