As a contractor, establishing a solid reputation with regulatory communities is very important to ensure a long and profitable relationship. Apex was enlisted as the contractor of record for two former underground storage tank release sites under the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC). Each site had been in various stages of investigation or remediation for a period of approximately 15 years. Previous contractors had been unable to remediate the sites to applicable OCC standards.

blog apexcos 10.15.13One of the sites had been had purchased by a developer who wished to redevelop the property within a years' time. Apex completed delineation, pilot testing and complete remediation to meet OCC standards within the time frame required by the developer. The system consisted of groundwater extraction, surfactant mixing, reinjection and final total liquids recovery. The system operated from November 2010 into February, 2011 through one of the coldest winters on record for the area. Confirmation samples collected at the end of the remediation confirmed that applicable standards had been met. Regulatory Closure was granted by the OCC following the remediation.

The second site was located in a rural area west of Tulsa. Remediation efforts had been hampered by site geology which consisted of fractured sandstone. Remediation goals were fairly stringent due to the presence of an onsite water well. Initial remediation was conducted using a high vacuum system extracting free product and surfactant which had been injected by a former contractor. Recovered groundwater was treated to meet reinjection criteria and re-injected outside of the contaminant plume to develop a circulation cell. Following this phase, chemical oxidation was used to complete degradation of dissolved phase hydrocarbons. OCC closure standards were maintained for the prescribed monitoring period and regulatory closure was granted.

By bringing each of these sites to regulatory closure, as well as others since, Apex has established a reputation with the regulatory community as a company which accomplishes the tasks we propose, on time and within budget.

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