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ARTEMIS® helps you capture, visualize, and manage your environmental and ESG data to support compliant, reliable, and efficient business practices, and make informed decisions using real-time data. The desktop and mobile features facilitate 24/7 access in the office, at home, or in the field. ARTEMIS® not only saves you time and money, but reduces error rates, mitigates risks, and helps maintain business continuity.

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The new generation of environmental information management.


ARTEMIS® stands for Apex Real Time Environmental Management Information System. It is Apex's solution for capturing and managing critical environmental and ESG data, to support your regulatory compliance and related business goals.

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Streamline and Enhance Compliance

With flexible mobile field data collection tools, a configurable compliance calendar, and centralized cloud-based information management, ARTEMIS® is a cost effective and proactive strategy to streamline your environmental program. Real time dashboards ensure that you don’t miss a deadline, and automatic notifications help you monitor issues as they arise, eliminating unwelcome surprises.

“No one else could meet all our company data needs and Apex has worked with us to customize ARTEMIS® as a great tool to use across our business units.”

Major Retail Company

ARTEMIS℠ Compliance Calendar
Shift from Reactive to Proactive

ARTEMIS® can help you move from reactive to proactive decision making, from backward-looking data to forward-looking insight—using real-time data to minimize risk, manage cost, and optimize operational performance.

“At the project's peak—without the use of ARTEMIS®—it would've required at least one person working full time for a few months just to keep the info updated in some sort of database.”

Convenience Store EHS Manager

ARTEMIS℠ Deficiency Dashboard
Reduce Risk; Leverage Opportunities

ARTEMIS® takes your data out of spreadsheets and transforms them into meaningful dashboards and graphics to empower your team to pinpoint areas of risk and to leverage opportunities.

“We oversee over 800 locations, but keep our headcount very low. We couldn’t do what we do without Apex and ARTEMIS®.”

Telecommunications Company

ARTEMIS℠ Heatmap
Eliminate Silos

With your facility and asset data in one system, ARTEMIS® helps to facilitate communication across your network, promoting the development of best practices that can be replicated at an enterprise level, reducing rework and costly trial and error scenarios.

“I think we’ll definitely be growing our business with Apex. Because of ARTEMIS®, everyone knows them. They are the go-to environmental firm. Our dairy people use ARTEMIS® for their health and safety reporting, so now Apex is first to mind.”

Food and Beverage Client

ARTEMIS℠ Stormwater Dashboard
Rapid Implementation

Using ARTEMIS® removes the need to invest in hardware, software, and specialized labor to implement an enterprise-wide system. Also, it provides digital data collection for real time reporting with a short implementation period.

“There are a lot of environmental databases, but I doubt there are many that are as flexible as ARTEMIS®. The Apex team is always willing to listen to ideas to make the platform more robust, intuitive, and all‑encompassing.”

Convenience Store EHS Manager

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Additional Benefits

  • Eliminates data entry redundancy
  • Accelerates field to office reporting
  • Enforces data integrity
  • Centralizes all aspects of our program/projects
  • Offers tailored reporting and exports
  • Offers statistical metrics on data collected
  • Configurable interface and dashboard
  • Provides real-time status across environmental assets

Case Studies

Convenience Store Chain Harnesses the Power of ARTEMIS Technology

Convenience Store Chain Harnesses the Power of ARTEMIS® Technology

World’s Largest Retailer’s Early Adoption of ARTEMIS℠ Generates Insight

World’s Largest Retailer’s Early Adoption of ARTEMIS® Generates Insight

Structural Pollutant Control BMP Inspection and Maintenance

Structural Pollutant Control BMP Inspection and Maintenance

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