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Career Development

We offer a competitive compensation strategy and broad career development structure to support attracting, retaining, and developing talented, high caliber people like you.

Employee Training and Skills Development

While you hold the reins on your career at Apex Companies and can take it anywhere you want to go, we provide the resources to help you learn new skills and reach your career development goals.

We offer on-the-job training and mentoring in addition to in-house SME‑provided workshops. We regularly send our people to industry conferences and seminars, provide support to maintain professional association memberships, and fund continuing education opportunities for CEUs/PDHs.

We offer reimbursement for your pursuit of eligible licenses and certifications, educational reimbursement for eligible courses and programs, and we deliver on-demand access to AEC‑specific and professional development training through Apex Online University powered by RedVector.

Learn more about our employee skills development and structure here.

Career Paths

If you’re not sure on which road you’d like to travel, our Career Paths serve as general guidelines as you work to chart and advance in your career at Apex. Offering both a “management track” and a “technical track” enables people to start down one Career Path and change to another as abilities, individual interests, and opportunities develop (for example, a move from a technical path to a business development or management path).

Career Paths are guidelines and not intended to replace the flexibility that is key to our culture. Due to the unique variety of our employees’ skills, performance levels, and contributions, there is no “one size fits all” approach, but our Career Paths will serve as general guidelines for you and your supervisor when planning your career moves at Apex.

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Performance Reviews

Our annual performance review process is the formal summation of the informal dialogue you have been having with your supervisor throughout the year, including any check‑in or follow‑on discussions that may have taken place since setting original goals and performance ambitions since your last annual discussion.

At Apex we don’t check boxes and we don’t rate or rank. Our format supports thoughtful dialogue between you and your supervisor. Utilizing a self-review component in addition to supervisor input, our approach encourages real, honest, proactive and meaningful discussion to review the year prior and set the tone for the months ahead. What is working well? What isn’t working? What should be celebrated? Or if there are any gaps.

Most importantly, our review design focuses on identifying opportunities for your growth, planning your individual development, and establishing a strategy for the upcoming year, including goal setting.

Pay and Compensation

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At Apex, we enable our employees to reach their aspirations, hone their talents and skills, and tap into their incredible potential. Annually, over 20% of our employees are promoted and grow into more advanced roles.

We offer competitive pay—but our pay comes with bonuses, benefits, and perks. We take the time to continually ensure our salary ranges are equitable and at or above market value for the work our employees perform. We also ensure our employees’ compensation aligns with the value they provide—incentivizing employees to excel, investing in their potential, and rewarding exceptional contributions.

Individual Development Planning

You plan where you want to go, and we help you get there. Individual development planning at Apex affords employees an opportunity to take inventory of knowledge, skills, and abilities of today, through the lens of their career aspirations of tomorrow. Individual Development Plans (IDPs) can help improve performance, sharpen professional competencies, and strengthen areas of weakness. A well-written IDP helps to identify both short and long-term goals and have an organized approach to shape your career and development.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

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At Apex, DEI is core to the values and beliefs we share as a company. But today, re-stating these values and beliefs isn’t enough, and expressing our stand against racism isn’t enough either.

We are taking a closer look across Apex, to ensure we fully understand issues that so many in our country have never fully understood. We are having the uncomfortable conversations, listening harder and looking deeper, to identify what more and what else we need to be doing to ensure diversity is at the root of our culture and top of mind in all aspects of our business.

Together, we are embarking on an accelerated, enterprise-wide assessment of Apex’s current climate and culture. We will advance our DEI pursuits by identifying areas for improvement, and either implementing new practices or enhancing existing ones. Ongoing teaching and learning will carry our organization forward through continuing DEI training and development for both current and future Apex employees.

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