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Expertise to Support a Broad
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When your business reputation or bottom line are at stake, and you need sound, defensible data and the highest caliber experts, our team at Apex Companies is here to provide support every step of the way. Successful resolutions hinge on an in-depth understanding of multi-faceted, as well as continually evolving environmental, health, and safety laws and statutes, including federal, state, and local level guidance. And beyond expertise, it demands a passion for uncovering what lies beneath the surface, literally and figuratively.

Our Expert Witness and Litigation Support Solutions

  • Conducting contaminant fingerprinting and forensics
  • Providing environmental litigation support
  • Representing plaintiffs and defendants across the private and public sectors
  • Performing IAQ evaluations
  • Quantifying liability allocation among potentially responsible parties (PRPs)
  • Participating in environmental mediation
  • Conducting side by side sampling (OSHA/MSHA)
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What Our Clients are Saying

“Apex team members are true professionals. We value their expertise and rigor. They push us to do better each year and we value that.”

Director of Environmental Sustainability, Financial Services Company

“We have an extremely close relationship with Apex. We continue to use them because we know their skillsets, we know their capabilities, we know the quality of the work, and so they have earned our trust.”

Energy Company

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