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Mining and industrial facilities face numerous water resource related challenges from planning and development to permitting and operations. Proposed mining facilities must evaluate potential adverse impacts to water resources to obtain development approvals. Industrial facilities can benefit from efficient reuse of water to aid in reducing disposal and operational costs and to demonstrate sustainable use of water resources. Geothermal well systems for temperature control of air conditioning and heating systems provide unique opportunities for energy cost savings and reuse of water sources. 

Apex Companies’ geologists and hydrological engineers have provided water resource evaluations in support of development approvals, design, and operations at many mining and industrial clients in the past 30 years. 

A large quarry with workers assessing mineral resources
The silhouette of a mineral resources pumpjack operating at sunset.

We work with mining concerns and construction projects to understand the impact of local water formations on the project and how ore removal and facility development can result in geochemical and waste contamination of water supplies. Our experience includes mine water treatment and water quality monitoring and evaluation. 

We also serve the oil and gas mining industry, providing insights that aid in cutting costs and optimizing production. 

To assure the success of your project, Apex geologists assess the landforms, earth processes, and water resources associated with your site. We test, consult, report, and design solutions that help move your project forward by reducing risk and eliminating the hazards that can derail development.

Our Geological Engineering Solutions

At Apex, the management and protection of our natural resources is a top priority. Utilizing practical engineering, sound science, and project management skills, you can rest assured knowing that your project is in expert hands.

Water Engineering Support

Examples of services we provide in support of mining, industrial, and geothermal systems include:  

Water engineer with survey equipment kneeling by a stream collecting data
Site where Apex Companies provided environmental services at the North Ridge Estates Superfund in Klamath Fall, OR
Mineral resources construction vehicles in a quarry.

From Design to Reclamation, Comprehensive Engineering

At Apex, we cover the full life cycle of your mining operation. From pre-mine surveys and feasibility studies to mine valuations and reclamation, Apex brings the expertise you need to assure the viability and profitability of your mine.

Apex offers comprehensive mining engineering, evaluation, and permitting services for surface coal mines, underground coal mines, and stone quarries.

We pride ourselves on providing insightful solutions and advice that takes practical account of your specific circumstances.

With some of the most skilled and experienced professionals in the mining industry pursuing their careers at Apex, you’ll find that our firm is a recognized leader in delivering exceptional mining services.

From meeting our clients’ schedules and budget constraints to providing deliverables that exceed both expectations and the capabilities of many competitors, Apex is here to help assure the success of your mining project.

Our Mineral Resources Solutions

At Apex, our experienced mining engineers know what it takes to help you make informed business decisions, provide for optimized production, and assure worker safety and appropriate environmental controls.

  • Mine timing projections
  • Mine valuations
  • Mine ventilation
  • Permitting
  • Pre-mine/pre-blast surveys
  • Regulatory oversight inspections and regulatory liaison
  • Reclamation
  • Reserve evaluations
  • Safety culture and behavioral approaches
  • Subsidence plans and mapping submittals for mining operations to federal and state regulatory agencies
  • Surface mine design
  • Surveying
  • Time studies
  • Water sampling and analysis
  • Workplace safety solutions

Specialists in Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Treatment

Apex operates and provides upgrades for AMD treatment facilities, both passive and chemical.

Despite the application of sound mining and reclamation principles, AMD can form and therefore must be treated to meet existing federal and state standards. Apex Operations specializes in AMD treatment and our exceptional care can ensure effluent standards are met. Apex currently operates several AMD water treatment facilities (passive and chemical) and provides the general operations for these plants. Apex also provides upgrades to electrical units and piping for these facilities.

Services Offered

  • Develop standard operating procedures
  • Create flushing and maintenance programs
  • Operate SCADA systems
  • Operation, design/redesign and treatment of AMD systems
Acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment

Mineral Resources Client Profile

Metallurgical Coal Mining Company
Client Profile
Metallurgical Coal Mining Company

When this firm was formed as a spinoff of a company with which we had been working for 23 years, the firm’s staff immediately turned to Apex to support its environmental and infrastructure needs. With an urgent need to bring several mine sites into production, the client required both reserve analysis and permitting support...

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