Due Diligence/Assessment

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Experience is key when it comes to due diligence. Excellent regulatory relationships, knowledge of the environment and a national network of experienced technical experts can be important to limiting exposure to liabilities. Performing thousands of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)—including sizable portfolios in excess of 1,500 sites—property condition assessments and limited compliance assessments annually, Apex Companies has both the national presence to provide short turnaround times, and local connections to ensure that every critical detail is addressed.

Due Diligence/Assessment

We are Recognized as an Industry Leader in Providing Due Diligence Support

Our team of credentialed professionals has performed assessments in every state, geologic environment, and for every contaminant of concern. Contact us to learn more about what sets us apart.

  • Identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs), environmental impacts, and areas of financial liability
  • Vapor encroachment and risk intrusion
  • Negotiate indemnifications and price reductions
  • Securing environmental insurance products
  • Remediation course of action and cost estimation
  • Bank-approved ASTM E1527-13 Reports
  • Property condition assessments (PCAs)
  • Limited compliance assessments (LCAs)
  • Non-ASTM scope items
  • Phase I & II environmental site assessments (ESAs)
  • Recommendations based on results
  • Probabilistic analysis of environmental liabilities

Limiting Your Liability

Apex will work with you to customize an approach to fit deal dynamics. This customized approach allows us to:

  • Identify Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), other environmental impacts, and potential areas of financial liability
  • Evaluate vapor encroachment and intrusion risks
  • Negotiate indemnifications and price reductions relating to environmental liabilities
  • Support you in securing environmental insurance products
  • Provide a path forward (and cost estimation) for sites that are likely to need remediation and/or agency involvement
Due Diligence/Assessment

Obtain a Phase I or Phase II ESA Cost Estimate

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What Our Clients are Saying

“I had an A+ experience with Apex. I asked them to perform magic by very quickly conducting an environmental assessment of the additional parcel of land. Apex’s project manager instantaneously responded that he’d be happy to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Apex’s responsiveness was beyond compare. The timely completion of the in-depth work allowed the deal to close on schedule.”

International Law Firm

“We use Apex for our environmental due diligences and for Phase Is and IIs. We’ve started using them in new locations and for new services like stormwater because of their performance.”

Vice President, Bank & Investment Firm

“A lot of the C&E market is geographically based and Apex is the first among equals. We use them in Texas, the North West, the upper Mid-west, and on the East Coast and they’re growing their business with us there.”

Director Environmental, Real Estate Investment Trust

“We have to use Apex anytime there is a property transaction or we’re developing a piece of property. The environmental consult is a standard part of our due diligence. On new builds, they do a baseline sampling of the ground contents, and then stay on retainer in case they find any hazardous building materials like asbestos during the project. For construction projects, they’re there to find legacy contaminants or help us manage the process if we find something during the build.”

Port Transportation Company

“Apex personnel have been very experienced, knowledgeable and professional. Our program requires extensive regulatory knowledge and Apex has provided services at a standard of the best environmental auditing consulting firms that we have used in the past.”

Corporate Environmental Programs Lead, Automotive Manufacturing Client

“Apex has been our outside auditors for our Environmental Compliance Audit program since 2016. They have been very professional and thorough. Apex has been very generous with their consulting support, and very flexible and very helpful with the initiation of virtual auditing.”

EHS Corporate Program Manager, Automotive Manufacturing Company

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