Industrial Hygiene

Protecting Your Workforce and Workplace

As the leading industrial hygiene consulting firm in the United States, Apex Companies is focused on delivering best-in-class exposure assessment and building science services. We will help you anticipate, recognize, assess, and control workplace hazards that can affect the health of your workers, customers, and bottom line. When hazardous building materials are encountered and/or impact your business, we provide rapid support and quick solutions to get you back on track.

Our Worker Exposure Solutions

  • Qualitative risk exposure assessments
  • Health hazard evaluations
  • On-site evaluations
  • Exposure risk estimation
  • Sampling plan development
  • Chemical agent sampling, analyses, and result interpretation
  • Physical agent measurement and result interpretation
  • Biological agent sampling and result interpretation
Industrial hygiene solutions

Our Building Science Solutions

  • Turnkey asbestos, lead, and mold/moisture solutions
  • Water damage and building moisture mapping
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments
  • Legionella and other waterborne pathogens assessment and management
  • Building hazardous materials management
  • Vapor intrusion assessment and turnkey mitigation
Industrial hygiene solutions

Pandemic Practices

Our professional coronavirus services—which span review/development of your existing plans and protocols, employee communications/training, disinfecting/cleaning process evaluations, and respirator fit testing—include:

  • Infectious agent control plans
  • Contamination protocol reviews
  • Tailored guidance communications
  • Virtual health & safety training
  • Process conformance evaluations
Industrial hygiene solutions

Indoor Air Quality

Industrial hygiene solutions

Concerns about indoor air quality are on the rise. Studies have shown that symptoms of “sick building syndrome” affect 10 to 25 million workers in more than one million buildings across the United States. Due to the impact of health, comfort, and productivity on building occupants, indoor air quality is a growing issue among property owners, businesses, building managers, and tenants.

Apex has more than 20 years of experience with indoor air quality investigations, monitoring, analysis, corrective action plans, and training. We have provided both emergency response, and proactive indoor air quality solutions for a number of diverse environments. Some of our notable works include office buildings, schools, manufacturing plants, utilities, hospitals, museums, restaurants, retail stores, and military facilities. Apex’s indoor air quality team of experts includes industrial hygienists, mechanical engineers, toxicologists, chemists, and microbiologists employing the most current science and technologies.

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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Services

Indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality

What Our Clients are Saying

“Apex’s comprehensive asbestos surveys of more than 100 city-owned buildings were very thorough. The survey reports and subsequent O&M plans were well written and reflected a high regard for quality work.”

City Government Client

“Apex is a great partner—they’re responsive and honest. They’re always one of the first consultants I call for a new project and consistently provide good service.”

National Bank

“I personally began working with Apex in 2012 when they began conducting school and facility building Radon Assessments. In June 2013, they were chosen as one of our Environmental on-call companies that we use regularly. Their quality of work has been exemplary. They are responsive and take on projects no matter the scope or size. I have come to rely on Apex's professional, articulate, knowledgeable and reliable. I fully endorse them as an environmental consultant.”

Facilities Manager, Public School

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