Apex in the News: Apex Featured as COVID-19 Services Provider

HSE Consultancies Pivot to Tackle Coronavirus

This article was sourced by Environmental Analyst.

Much of the corporate communications in response to the latest COVID-19 outbreak is rightly centered on the gargantuan global health and economic challenges it poses. But some of the businesses operating in the environmental services space have the perfect opportunity to pivot towards helping the global response to the virus, using their valuable expertise to support clients and others through the challenges.

A number of consulting firms with strengths in disaster planning and preparedness; health, safety and environmental (HSE) services; and/or epidemiology and laboratory services; are well positioned to help mitigate and turn the tide on this pandemic. Already a number of businesses have stepped up their efforts in recent days/weeks.

In the US for example, Rockville, Maryland-headquartered engineering and environmental consultancy Apex Companies is making its industrial hygiene and safety professionals available for its clients. The firm is offering support for infectious disease outbreak planning; contamination protocol reviews; personal protective equipment consulting and process conformance evaluations.

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