California Association of Environmental Professionals Conference

August 15-18, 2021 | Long Beach, CA | Presenter

Apex will be speaking at the California Association of Environmental Professionals conference.

Sean PorterFeatured Speaker: Sean Porter, Apex Regional Program Manager
Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Time: 1:45–3:15 pm
Session Track: Waves of Understanding
Title: Hot Topic: What you need to know about Stormwater in California

Sean Porter will discuss the evolving changes of stormwater regulations in California. Several new permits, ballot measures, and precedent court cases are creating an ever increasingly difficult environment for stormwater dischargers to navigate and how to prepare for them.

During the presentation Sean Porter will cover:

  • Proposed upcoming changes to the Construction General Permit.
  • New and emerging contaminants.
  • New biological objectives.
  • Measure W funding in Los Angeles.
  • SB205, Statewide industrial Permit revisions.
  • Industrial TMDL compliance options.
  • Recent court decision that could impact Clean Water Act lawsuits.
  • Legal implications of these new regulations and precedent cases.
  • Challenges with implementation of large-scale regional BMPs.
  • Pitfalls of integrating biological objectives in the context of NPDES Permits and water quality limitations.