Apex and OptiRTC Announce Strategic Partnership in Cloud-Based Stormwater Infrastructure Management

Building Healthier Environments and Safer Communities

Rockville, MD—Apex Companies, LLC (Apex) and OptiRTC, Inc. (Opti®) have entered into a strategic partnership to provide critical stormwater management services for private and public sector clients across the US. Through this partnership, Apex, an award-winning water resources, environmental services, health & safety, and assurance & compliance company, will install, operate, and maintain Opti’s continuous monitoring and adaptive control (CMAC) field assets.

The combined service suite proactively manages surface water storage infrastructure and conveyance to provide clients and communities improved water quality and reductions in flood risk and combined sewer overflows.

Backed by Opti technology—which uses data collection from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, streaming weather forecasts, and a cloud-based software system that constantly monitors and manages wet weather events—the Apex-Opti partnership provides a highly effective data-driven stormwater management platform with reduced capital costs and improved system reliability.

“The power and sophistication of Opti’s platform with the expertise of Apex’s environmental and field services provides 24×7 reliability to proactively manage stormwater storage and flooding events,” said Rylan Farr, Apex’s Vice President. “This helps our clients and our communities mitigate the dangers and destruction caused by more frequent and severe storm events.”

Opti’s CEO, David Rubinstein, adds, “Expert installation and comprehensive maintenance are critical to our solution’s effectiveness. Apex’s site-specific approach to stormwater functionality, regulatory knowledge, and comprehensive expertise is a true asset to our team. What makes our partnership so effective and impactful is our collective digital mindset. Together, we’re changing the face of stormwater management– moving it from a regulatory necessity to a dynamic and resilient infrastructure that intuitively protects our nation’s most valuable resource.”

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