Infrastructure Project

Center Streetscape Resident Engineering Services

Town of Lexington, MA

Solution Overview

Center Streetscape Resident Engineering Services


Town of Lexington

Business Challenge:

  • Critical area with numerous businesses
  • Communication with all stakeholders
  • Accessibility of the downtown during construction
  • Unavailable records of underground infrastructure


  • Provide resident engineering and construction management
  • Daily communication with the town and contractor


  • Work has been received extremely well
  • Accessibility for all stakeholders
  • Revitalized historic streetscape and infrastructure


This project was publicly bid in accordance with with Massachusetts State General Law, Chapter 30, Section 39M in the winter of 2021 and construction commenced in April. It is a civil infrastructure project that entails various aspects of civil construction and has been challenging in a number of different ways. For example, records of underground infrastructure in the historic downtown have proven to be unavailable, which has necessitated many on‑site decisions, in addition to constant and consistent communication with Town leadership and other concerned stakeholders.

Some of the major aspects include a full rebuild of the sidewalks including the use of Silva cells below the sidewalk infrastructure, installation of drainage, and the rebuilding of the roadway including the installation of new granite curbing as well as the adjustment of existing curbing. Additionally, this project will include electrical work to connect new lighting throughout the project, irrigation, numerous amenities including benches and bike racks. There is also significant landscaping that includes trees, shrubs, and flowers.

This is an extremely important area with numerous businesses throughout. Minimizing the impacts to these businesses is a critical component of this project and will entail intense communication with the abutters as well as strict adherence to construction time frame and staging. Accessibility for all is a key factor throughout construction to ensure that no users are limited in their use of the downtown due to the lack of proper accommodation.


Environmental Partners (EP), Apex Companies' Infrastructure Solutions platform, is providing resident engineering and construction management throughout the construction of the ‘Center Streetscape’ project for town of Lexington, MA. The town, along with its design engineer, has been working through the design and public process for close to ten years. EP is providing all services required for the construction observation, management, coordination, and administration of this exciting project.

EP is providing daily communication with the town and contractor regarding current work, upcoming schedule, concerns, anticipated change orders, quantities, materials, staging, and stakeholder communication. EP is also serving as the town’s primary point of contact for external communications with the community (residents and businesses) and is acting as a liaison between construction operations and the public.


As of September of 2021, EP’s work has been received extremely well.

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