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Confidential Oil and Gas Client Eagle Ford Basin

Solution Overview

Compliance and assurance


Confidential oil and gas client

Business Challenge:

  • Our client needed help addressing air permitting and compliance needs for over 300 sites


  • Conducted process modeling
  • Calculated site-wide emissions
  • Identified the permitting mechanism under the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) New Source Review Program
  • Conducted National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) impacts assessment
  • Prepared air permitting packages
  • Addressed TCEQ’s follow-up questions


  • With Apex’s help, our client aspires to be 100 percent compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and internal procedures


Since 2011, Apex Companies has been helping this oil and gas client address their air permitting and compliance needs for over 300 sites including well sites, compressor stations, dehydration plants, and stabilizers in the Eagle Ford Basin.

Specifically, their challenges include the following:

  • Identifying aggregation issues in accordance with the TCEQ’s Senate Bill (SB) 1134
  • Identifying the fugitive counts for their operations
  • Conducting hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) impacts evaluations for sour sites
  • Conducting impacts evaluations using advanced air dispersion modeling (AERMOD) for stabilization plants.


Our services include conducting process modeling using ProMax, calculating sitewide emissions, identifying the permitting mechanism under the TCEQ’s New Source Review Program, conducting NAAQS impacts assessment using SCREEN3 or AERMOD modeling, preparing air permitting packages, and addressing TCEQ’s follow-up questions. TCEQ’s air permitting mechanisms used for permitting these facilities include permit by rule (PBR) and non‑rule standard permit (NRSP) for oil and gas facilities. Over the years, Apex has prepared over 1,000 PBR and NRSP registration and revision packages for this client.

During the course of our project work, we have also helped the client evaluate the permitting mechanism for over 150 audit privilege sites in Texas and implement the corrective actions by submitting the air permit applications for all sites within the specified timeframe.


Across all assets, our client aspires to be 100 percent compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and internal procedures. As we continue to work directly with their operational divisions and help them protect our natural resources, Apex is consistently praised by their management and associates for our quick response time and our understanding of their assets and objectives.

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