Environmental Project

Due Diligence for Nationwide Bank Expansion

Multinational Financial Services Company Nationwide

Solution Overview


Multinational financial services company

Business Challenge:

  • Nationwide due diligence needs amid aggressive expansion
  • Support to ensure compliance and emergency response actions


  • Provide emergency services and tailored reviews
  • Dedicate client manager who streamlines communication for efficient response


  • Comprehensive due diligence reports identified routine and emergency-related environmental challenges
  • Successful program management efforts minimized construction delays


This global financial services company faces a profound challenge in harmonizing its growth trajectory with its unwavering commitment to environmental sensitivity. Operating a vast network of over 3,000 branches across the US, the firm aims to open hundreds of new branches, often with aggressive timelines.

Central to the client’s principles is a resolute commitment to environmental stewardship. Their keen awareness of the ecological impact of their operations and dedication to maintaining compliance with environmental regulations amplify the complexity of their challenge. The need for swift and decisive action on all environmental matters, whether at new or existing locations, underscores their emphasis on rapid response in safeguarding environmental integrity.

Recognizing these needs, the client requires a trusted partner for nationwide environmental due diligence support. As their footprint grows, meticulous Phase I and Phase II assessments are imperative.


Apex’s dedicated client manager works seamlessly with the client’s project management staff throughout the due diligence and construction phase of the projects to provide assistance with any environmental emergencies or unforeseen issues that may develop. This cohesive coordination optimizes the information flow, facilitates effective decision‑making, and enhances the overall efficiency of the due diligence/construction efforts.


Apex’s comprehensive support for the client’s routine and emergency response-related environmental needs makes us an essential team member and partner. Our program management approach facilitates real‑time planning, response, and coordination while minimizing downtime for construction efforts which supports our clients’ goal for rapid branch openings nationally.

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