Environmental Project

Environmental Services for Expanding C-Store Markets and Travel Centers

Convenience Stores and Travel Centers Nationwide

Solution Overview


Convenience stores and travel centers

Business Challenge:

  • Rapid expansion of new C-store markets and travel centers
  • Due diligence assessment
  • Environmental compliance


  • Asbestos containing material (ACM) inspection, sampling, abatement, and demolition
  • Underground storage tank (UST) removal, oversight, sampling, and closure reporting
  • Waste management/coordination
  • Regulatory research, guidance, decision consultation, and coordination
  • Safety audits and industrial hygiene support
  • Stormwater compliance inspections


  • Successfully assisted client’s market growth across the southeast


In order to support its rapid expansion into new c-store markets and travel center locations in multiple states across the country, the client needed a responsive consulting partner who could provide national due diligence and environmental compliance support in both existing and new markets.


Apex provided services to address the diverse spectrum of environmental, water, compliance, and industrial hygiene needs of the client and included the following:

  • Due diligence (Phase I & II)
  • Natural resource surveys and regulatory guidance when environmental impacts are discovered at existing or during construction of new locations
  • ACM inspection, sampling, abatement, and demolition oversight of existing buildings prior to construction of new facilities
  • Redevelopment/construction support (construction dewatering, municipal permits, contaminated soil disposal, waste profiling)
  • UST compliance, spill response, removal oversight, and State required environmental sampling and closure reporting
  • Subsurface remediation
  • Air pollution emissions notifications
  • Waste management/coordination of existing petroleum impacts prior and during construction
  • Regulatory decision consultation/coordination for accessing state trust funds and release reporting
  • Safety audits and industrial hygiene support for existing and new processes and routine tasks at distribution centers
  • 24/7 spill response and cleanup coordination for both local and remote locations
  • Regulatory research and compliance guidance for new market entry
  • Stormwater compliance inspections for existing and new store openings

As the client expanded into new markets in 2022, Apex’s project management team readily mobilized additional qualified staff to the clients’ 60+ plus sites throughout the country, successfully meeting all urgent project needs to keep each site’s schedule on track. Our role extended beyond routine consultation, as we were entrusted with managing the most intricate and complex sites within their portfolio.


In the dynamic landscape of 2023, collaborative efforts across multiple Apex offices empowered us to deliver a comprehensive range of essential services, directly contributing to our client’s success in their newest market expansion. Through strategic consultation, facilitation of access to state trust funds, and meticulous reporting, we provided invaluable support for regulatory compliance. Additionally, our assistance in safety, audit, and industrial hygiene optimized processes at distribution centers, ensuring operational efficiency. With 24/7 spill response coordination and thorough stormwater compliance inspections, we maintained environmental integrity across diverse locations. Our proactive regulatory guidance effectively mitigated risks and ensured compliance throughout the project lifecycle. These concerted efforts underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results and solidify our position as a trusted partner in our client’s growth journey.

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