Environmental Project

Evaluation and Recommendation for Mussel Restoration

Insurance Company for a Large Fertilizer Company Midwest US

Solution Overview


Insurance company for a large fertilizer company

Business Challenge:

  • A large fertilizer release resulted in a fish kill and numerous violations for the client.


  • Apex maximized our technical expertise and successful working relationships with staff at state and federal hatcheries to gather information on the cost of mussel restoration which informed our evaluation and recommendation to our client.


  • The client funded a freshwater mussel restoration project which resolved violations and provided future populations of mussels.


A fertilizer company’s insufficient containment system caused an accidental release of one million gallons of 32 percent nitrogen that had flowed into the storm sewer drains of a local creek and on to the Mississippi River. This caused a fish and freshwater mussel kill that resulted in numerous violations. The client hired Apex to review the incident and claim and provide our evaluation of potential solutions.


Apex reviewed all documents and correspondence for the claim and reviewed options. Two options were identified to address the fish kill. The lost value of the aquatic resources and the state agency’s efforts could be paid directly, or impacts could be addressed by paying for the fish killed and funding a mussel restoration project. Apex reviewed the data and compared it to the American Fisheries Society’s guidelines. The value of the fish and mussels was calculated. Apex gleaned valuable insight through leveraging solid working relationships with state and federal hatcheries that raise mussels and gathered information on the costs of mussel restoration. Apex advised the client on potential issues that could result in additional liability.


The client elected to pay for the fish killed and fund a mussel restoration project which met the Department of Natural Resources’ requirements and the Administrative Consent Order. This saved the client money and provided a future population of giant floaters and plain pocketbook mussels.

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