Environmental Project

Gasoline Pipeline Release Emergency Response and Remediation

Southeastern US-Based Mid-Stream Pipeline Operator Huntersville, NC

Solution Overview


Southeastern US-based mid-stream pipeline operator

Business Challenge:

  • Emergency response, assessment, and soil and groundwater remediation


  • Provided project safety coordination, investigation and assessment, sensitive receptor survey, and remedial response actions


  • 1.75M-gallons of gasoline recovered over more than three years


A petroleum pipeline owner/operator hired Apex Companies to provide required emergency response, assessment, and remediation services related to a subsurface pipeline release of gasoline (~2M-gallons).


Apex managed all aspects of safety, logistics, regulatory agency coordination and negotiation for the coordination of the releases in suburban and commercial settings with multiple stakeholders. Apex provided project safety coordination, initial response and investigation of impacted areas, a sensitive receptor survey, and design and implementation of initial and final remedial response actions in a complex fractured bedrock aquifer.

The project was complicated by both the size and the location of the release which involved a nature preserve, residential land, and county-owned property. Due to the size of the release, Apex mobilized staff from multiple offices to facilitate real-time, on-site design, procurement and construction of a vacuum-enhanced pneumatic recovery system concurrent with site assessment activities; as such, assessment locations were converted to operational remediation wells within a few days following boring installations.

Apex has designed and is deploying additional technologies, including air sparge and a soil vapor extraction system. Apex was/is responsible for equipment selection, procurement, and directing construction of multiple remedial and monitoring technologies to mitigate the hazardous environment, including carbon treatment, thermal oxidizers, and air monitoring equipment.


A total of approximately 1.75M-gallons of gasoline have been recovered over the more than three years since the release was discovered. Apex has assisted the client with procurement of air and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) discharge permits to facilitate installation of a water treatment system which will expedite remediation efforts and save the client (on average) $130K per month in petroleum contact water (PCW) transport and disposal costs. The system is scheduled for construction in 2023. In June 2023, Apex was recognized for our outstanding safety performance on this project, along with the entire body of work performed for this client.

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