Health & Safety Project

Legionella Water Management Plan

Confidential Aerospace Client Orlando, FL

Solution Overview


Confidential aerospace client

Business Challenge:

  • Client needed a Legionella Management Plan (LMP) for its multi-building, older manufacturing facility in Florida


  • Performed various assessments, including area walkthroughs and inspections of water systems for possible Legionella growth
  • Identified systems at risk, performed an assessment to rank identified risks, and prepared the LMP


  • Developed a program to include maintenance, testing, cleaning, and disinfection of at-risk water systems to minimize health risks


The client’s facility consisted of 85 buildings with complex plumbing and mechanical systems. An investigation to delineate systems that may pose potential Legionella risks was needed since plans and schematics were not readily available for the older buildings.


Apex performed a facility-wide Legionella risk assessment and developed an LMP in accordance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air‑Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards and guidelines.

Our team’s responsibilities included:

  • Conducting a walkthrough assessment of all facility buildings to identify potential areas and water system components that could be conducive to Legionella colonization.
  • Visually inspecting and identifying water system components for conditions favorable to Legionella growth such as scale, biofilm, algae and sediment. Measuring pH, residual free chlorine and temperature of water from identified system components.
  • Performing a risk-based analysis of assessment findings to develop an overall program to manage Legionella risk at the facility.


Based on the results of the risk assessment, Apex developed an LMP that included identification of plan participants and responsibilities; procedures for inspection, maintenance and cleaning for at-risk water system components; water sampling and testing program to confirm efficacy of inspection, maintenance, and cleaning procedures; and disinfection procedures for facility water systems and components.

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