Environmental Project

Petroleum Restoration Program

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Florida

Solution Overview


Florida DEP

Business Challenge:

  • Rehabilitate hundreds of contaminated sites throughout the state of Florida
  • Adherence to strict budgets and timelines


  • Excellent program management
  • Adaptable and responsive project team


  • Completion of major task order contracts
  • Clean closure of numerous sites


Florida DEP is responsible for numerous response actions and site rehabilitation activities, including the Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP), which encompasses the technical oversight, management, and administrative activities necessary to prioritize, assess and clean-up sites contaminated by discharges of petroleum and petroleum products from stationary petroleum storage systems. These sites include those determined eligible for state-funded cleanup using qualified contractors selected through competitive procurement or recommended by the property owner or responsible party and state lead contractors under direct contract with the DEP, as well as non-program or voluntary cleanup sites funded by responsible parties.

Since 2014 Apex has provided assessment and remediation of petroleum-contaminated sites regulated under Chapter 62-780, F.A.C. under an Agency Term Contract (ATC) for all three regions of Florida DEP’s PRP.


Apex has managed over 100 sites concurrently at multiple locations throughout Florida. Much of our success in this program is due to our team’s consistent adaptation to changes in the ATC’s funding levels, remediation expertise, leadership, and focus regarding clear, timely, and concise communication with regulatory authorities and stakeholders.

Additionally, through our participation in DEP’s Contaminated Media Forum and Florida Brownfields Association, Apex has supported DEP in updating waste cleanup regulations and guidance documentation.


Apex has successfully managed major task order contracts with variable workloads, quick turnaround responses, and multiple task assignments through development and execution of a streamlined structure that integrates management, technical, and facility resources for high quality and cost-effective contract performance. Central to this structure is a dynamic management organization that ensures controlled flexibility, encourages communications, and depends on a diversity of personnel capabilities.

Our program management team effectively draws on qualified staff and other corporate resources to meet rigorous schedule and task needs.

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