Water Project

PFAS Preparedness Study and Treatment Design

Town of Easton Easton, MA

Solution Overview


Town of Easton

Business Challenge:

  • Six per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) could routinely exceed maximum contaminant level (MCL) at three wells
  • Existing treatment practices were not equipped to remove PFAS


  • Retrofit granular activated carbon (GAC) pressure vessels to existing groundwater facilities


  • Permitting, final design, and construction to be completed in 2023


Finished water sampling results suggested that levels of six PFAS compounds routinely exceed the Massachusetts PFAS6 MCL at Wells 1, 2, and 4R in the Town of Easton (the Town). PFAS is not readily removed by the Town’s existing treatment practices, so major upgrades would be required for the Town to continue operating these three key drinking water sources.


The Town engaged Environmental Partners (EP), Apex Companies’ Infrastructure Solutions platform, to assist with designing, permitting, and overseeing construction of three PFAS removal systems. GAC pressure vessels will be installed at each of the impacted sources as a retrofit to the Town’s existing treatment system. Due to proximity, Wells 2 and 4R will share a backwash drying bed, reducing project costs. Additional space and connection points are provided at each site should removal of iron and manganese be required, and all vessels have the capability to operate with various media types should regulations change in the future.


After completing a preliminary design report and rapid small scale column testing with GAC media, EP completed permitting and final design of the PFAS removal systems. EP also completed pre-procurement of the GAC vessels and media to get ahead of long equipment lead times. Construction bids were submitted in April 2022, with construction of the new treatment facilities scheduled to continue until mid2023. While the PFAS treatment construction work is underway, EP is also providing construction phase services for a new treatment plant to remove high levels of iron and manganese from the Town’s Wells 3, 5, and 7, which will include an area reserved for a future PFAS treatment system.

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