Environmental Project

Subsurface Investigations and Construction Oversight Activities

Confidential Higher Education Client Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Flint, Michigan

Solution Overview

Apex employees operating heavy machinery during subsurface investigations at an active construction site on campus in Detroit, Michigan.


Confidential higher education client

Business Challenge:

  • Comprehensive environmental consulting expertise needed to support an array of site investigations and construction at separate campuses.


Conducted the following services:

  • Site investigations of soil, groundwater, and soil vapor
  • Ambient air sampling
  • Risk assessments
  • Construction management
  • Stormwater management involving ensuring conformance with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements
  • Support tasks for site closures


  • Through Apex’s long-standing work relationship with our client, our staff have gleaned an invaluable understanding of their protocols and procedures, as well as acute awareness of their on-campus environments.


The client needed a consultant with comprehensive environmental consulting expertise for supporting various project needs on their campuses in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint, Michigan.


Since 2016, Apex has successfully supported our client’s health, safety, and environmental (HSE) needs at its three campuses throughout Michigan. In that time, Apex has conducted myriad services on more than 95 projects, including the following:

  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) of an approximately 6.28-acre parcel, historically occupied by Fingerle Lumber Company, located in Ann Arbor. These ESAs were requested in association with a potential acquisition of the subject property;
  • Underground storage tank removals at numerous facilities including Henry Ford Estate in Dearborn, Arbor Heights, Henderson House, and Fingerle Lumber Company in Ann Arbor;
  • Hazardous materials inspection at the BoroPharm facility located at the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) in Ann Arbor;
  • Phase I ESA, subsurface investigation, asbestos survey, indoor environmental quality assessment, sub-slab soil gas survey, and Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) of a large commercial property located in Flint. These assessments were requested in association with a potential acquisition of the subject property;
  • Subsurface investigations of multiple client properties in preparation for demolition, renovation, and/or construction projects;
  • Soil excavation oversight and sampling services during construction activities for numerous projects, including the Clinical Inpatient Tower Project, Ruthven Museum Renovation and Expansion Project, Central Power Plant Project in Ann Arbor, and the Engineering Lab Building Replacement Project in Dearborn;
  • Water and sediment sampling from Third Sister Lake and groundwater and potable water sampling from onsite wells at the client’s Saginaw Forest property located in Ann Arbor;
  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) NPDES reporting and compliance to assist the Ann Arbor campus with staffing changes. Work included preparing the permit application for renewal, completing required reporting, evaluating effectiveness of Best Management Practices (BMPs), updating of the Stormwater Management Program Plan and developing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for maintenance facilities;
  • Dry weather studies on the Ann Arbor campus to meet MS4 NPDES requirements. Work included developing an inspection plan, documenting and conducting inspections, and sampling and analyzing of the illicit connection discharges, as needed;
  • Preparation of soil erosion and sedimentation control plans and inspections at the client’s golf course in Ann Arbor during a dredging project of the onsite pond/stream and at the client’s Henry Ford Estate during an underground storage tank and soil removal project; and
  • Air quality monitoring for mercury during removal of drain pipe in the dental school teaching rooms within the client’s school of denistry.


Through long-standing services to our client, Apex staff have developed trusting work relationships with our client’s staff, invaluable understanding of their protocols and procedures and expectations for quality deliverables and service excellence, and acute awareness of their on-campus environment.

Apex has harnessed our insight, knowledge, and strong work relationships with our client’s staff to facilitate communications and promote project cohesion.

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