ARTEMIS® Project

Use of ARTEMIS® Mitigates Risk

Fannie Mae Washington, DC; Maryland; and Virginia

Solution Overview


Fannie Mae

Business Challenge:

  • Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) assessment
  • Nine separate facilities encompassing over 2M square feet
  • Three different regulatory jurisdictions
  • Completion within four weeks


  • Conduct walk through inspections
  • Utilize ARTEMIS® to capture and track real-time data and quantify progress


  • Work was delivered within the four‑week timeline
  • Unparalleled accuracy
  • Progress tracking and completion within a single system
  • EHS compliance and a safer working environment


Fannie Mae needed an EHS assessment of nine separate facilities encompassing over 2M square feet of multiple use building space. These buildings crossed three different regulatory areas having jurisdiction (AHJs) which required adherence to varying regulations. The broad audit, spanning environmental and fire/life, electrical, and office safety, necessitated both Apex EHS experts as well as partnering with a fire protection engineer and an electrical code safety engineer. To add another layer of complexity, the entire project needed to be completed within four weeks.


We used ARTEMIS®, our web-based environmental information management system (EMIS), to create a streamlined, real-time approach. Our team members and engineering partners conducted walk through inspections of each facility and developed an ARTEMIS® mobile app to capture the findings. Due to the number of buildings, breadth of project scope, and AHJ regulations, our team knew there was the potential for thousands of data points. Based on this volume, cataloging each of the findings in the field by regulatory/audit subject was critical. In addition, ARTEMIS® enabled the team to monitor all of the findings/deficiencies, communicate findings to Fannie Mae, assign roles for resolving deficiencies, track completion, and quantify progress geographically.


Due to ARTEMIS®, ease and flexibility that simultaneously enables in-field data collection and in-office insight, our work was delivered within the four‑week timeline with real-time, weekly progress updates.

With ARTEMIS®, Fannie Mae received unparalleled accuracy. For example, the project team could select each facility and project task individually on the mobile app so the data aligned perfectly with the site and scope. It also provided consistency so that similar findings were digitally grouped, eliminating redundancies, typos, errors, or manual note-taking variability. ARTEMIS® also enabled our team to provide Fannie Mae with detailed charts, graphs, and summaries for executive presentations and a repository for document storage.

Designed to prioritize risks as high, medium, and low based on an identified deficiency and potential impact to health and safety of facility personnel, ARTEMIS® helps Fannie Mae resolve any challenges. They gain the ability to dedicate budget and resources accordingly, while tracking progress and completion within a single system, across their entire portfolio.

Through ARTEMIS®, Apex has assisted Fannie Mae in obtaining/updating applicable permits, maintaining current applicable registrations and fees, achieving compliance with multiple code and regulatory gaps, and tracking of reports and records to document compliance. We have also assisted with resolving over 50 percent of their audit deficiencies and 100 percent of high priority deficiencies noted in a four-month period, resulting in EHS compliance and a safer working environment for their employees.

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