Water Project

Water, Environmental, and Infrastructure Support

Military Housing Provider Nationwide

Solution Overview

Lift water station pumps involved in Apex's infrastructure support project.


Military Housing Provider

Business Challenge:

  • Environmental liability and risk characterization during due diligence of a $1B+ multi-family housing portfolio
  • Asset management support needs across industrial hygiene, water and infrastructure


  • Provide immersive support, rapid mobilization, and flexibility to address ongoing and emerging client needs


  • An over 20-year partnership that has expanded across functional and geographic areas.


A confidential multi-family residential management firm was exploring new opportunities associated with privatization of Navy and Marine Corps family housing. The firm needed high-level and sophisticated environmental risk management experience to identify, quantify, and properly manage diverse risk associated with historical environmental impairment, as well as initial and ongoing support associated with managing wastewater, drinking water, and stormwater infrastructure for more than 30K residential units at 60 military family housing communities across the nation. Post-closing of the 50- and 100-year management deals, the client had to fast transition from due diligence to asset management.


Apex began by providing portfolio-level environmental due diligence reviews as well as site investigations and remediation activities. As the client’s needs evolved into more asset management, our team then worked to offer ongoing industrial hygiene (primarily asbestos, lead paint, and moisture intrusion services) along with comprehensive inspection, maintenance, and repair of wastewater, drinking water, and stormwater infrastructure associated with the housing communities. That transition required a response that was fast, nimble, economical, and delivered exceptional customer service. Among our early successes was negotiating an operation and maintenance (O&M) contract for an entire housing community’s wet utilities as well as opening and fully staffing a new divisional office—in two weeks!

Apex’s partnership with the client continues to be strong and ever evolving. Over the past few years, Apex has performed moisture intrusion and abatement surveys for more than 3K units as part of the client’s commitment to safe military family housing, along with pre-framing and delivery inspections of more than 10K private-sector units constructed by a housing partner. We currently support 22 Marine Corps Family Housing communities located on-base in the San Diego area, as well as communities in Coleville, California, Albany, Georgia, and Belton, Missouri.


Our client’s business focuses on comprehensive military housing management and relies on a strategic partnership with Apex to provide a diverse array of specialized water, environmental, industrial hygiene, and utility infrastructure services. The diversity of services and 20+ year relationship requires consistent focus by Apex professionals across different disciplines and the ability of this key team to maintain focus, deliver consistently strong technical performance, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement, such as mapping our clients’ wet utility infrastructure assets using ARTEMIS®, Apex’s propriety environmental management information system. This client-centric philosophy continues to be the core of Apex’s successful partnership and has resulted in developing new markets delivering similar services to the clients’ private-sector projects across various geographies.

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