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The largest Fortune 200 REIT relies on us for our effective and expedient turnkey industrial hygiene services. Within days of notice, we address any asbestos, lead, mold, and other hazardous material issues including PCBs and mercury.


Our industrial hygiene (IH) consultants are committed to delivering best-in-class exposure assessment and building sciences services. We can help you anticipate, recognize, assess, and control workplace hazards that can affect the health of your workers. When hazardous building materials or conditions are encountered and impact your business, we provide rapid support and quick solutions to get your facility fully operational again.

IH Expertise

We are the largest independent IH practice in the US. With over 150 industrial hygiene and safety professionals, we have worked in every state and every industry and pioneered advances in data collection and analysis that yield proven, cost-effective solutions. We can help you achieve compliance with federal, state, and local occupational health regulations, while maintaining optimum production levels; adhering to sound scientific principles; and adopting best management practices to safeguard your workers’ health and safety.

Quality Management System

We’re committed to technical excellence as demonstrated by the numerous checks and balances within our organization to assure technical competence. Equipped with the latest IH consulting knowledge, skills, and abilities, we deliver best-in-class exposure assessment solutions. All IH consulting projects are conducted by or under the direct supervision of an American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) in accordance with our management system to deliver benchmark exposure assessment solutions.

Exposure Assessment Solutions

Our exposure assessment expertise includes qualitative exposure assessments; measurement of chemical, physical (noise, thermal stress, and radiation), and biological agents; sampling plans and sampling data analysis; and specific exposure control recommendation development. Exposure measurement may include using the appropriate direct reading instrumentation as well as collecting samples for laboratory analysis.

Our solutions include:

  • Qualitative Exposure Assessments (QEAs)
  • Basic characterization
  • Health hazard evaluations
  • On-site evaluations
  • Exposure risk estimation
  • Sampling plan development
  • Chemical agent sampling, analyses, and results interpretation
  • Physical agent (noise, thermal stress, EMF/optical radiation, and ionizing radiation) measurement and results interpretation
  • Biological agent sampling and results interpretation

Building Sciences Solutions

We deliver a full suite of building sciences solutions from the assessment and abatement to management and oversight to help you get your facility fully operational.

One of our many specialties is asbestos. Our experts are AHERA-trained and certified to conduct building surveys, develop abatement scope of work and design specifications, assist you in selecting an abatement contractor, and help you implement the appropriate response actions. Our on-site air sampling analysts participate in the AIHA Asbestos Analysts Registry or the Proficiency Analytical Testing programs. To ensure accuracy, we only use NVLAP-accredited laboratories to analyze our bulk and air samples.

Our solutions include:

  • Turnkey asbestos, lead, and mold/moisture solutions (assessments, evaluation, abatement/remediation, management, monitoring, oversight, and renovation)
  • Water damage and building moisture mapping
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • Legionella assessment and management
  • Building hazardous materials management
  • Vapor intrusion assessment and turnkey mitigation

Specialty IH Solutions


Our professional coronavirus services—which span review/development of your existing plans and protocols, employee communications/training, disinfecting/cleaning process evaluations, and respirator fit testing—include:

  • Infectious agent control plans
  • Infectious disease outbreak response plans
  • Contamination protocol reviews
  • Home workstation ergonomic evaluations
  • Tailored guidance communications
  • Virtual health & safety training
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) consulting
  • Process conformance evaluations

Nanotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing

We can help you assess your potential worker health implications from nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing including nanoparticle characterization, hazard identification, materials characterization, and exposure control.

Refinery Turnaround

Our oil and gas consultants support major refinery turnarounds by monitoring both anticipated and unanticipated potential exposures during turnaround operations. We will work collaboratively with you and any subcontractors to conduct personal exposure assessments for noise, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, crystalline silica, particulate, hexavalent chromium, and metals, etc.; approve PPE downgrades based on your current work environment conditions; and perform ventilation evaluations on vessels for confined space entries.

Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing and Training

Our quantitative respirator fit testing services and employee respirator training ensures your workers’ safety.

Safety Program Development

We can help you develop safety programs, often required by regulations, that are specific to the hazard and the management of task-specific exposures. Our frequently requested safety programs include:

  • Respiratory protection
  • Hearing conservation
  • PPE and safety clothing consulting
  • Silica compliance: employee training, exposure monitoring, and written exposure control plan development

Occupational Exposure Banding

Our experts develop occupational exposure bands for chemical agents without authoritative occupational exposure limits based on a chemical’s toxicological potency and the adverse health effects associated with chemical exposure. We use those occupational exposure bands to identify chemicals that should be considered for elimination or substitutions, qualitatively assess worker exposures, and design the appropriate exposure controls.

Occupational Illness Investigations

We can help you investigate potential occupational illnesses using hazard recognition, exposure assessments, worker interviews, and deduction.

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