Wastewater Management

Sustainable Solutions for Today’s Water Challenges

According to a recent published paper in the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, when Hurricanes Sandy and Harvey struck the northeast and Texas, respectively, they caused billions of gallons of raw and partially treated sewage to flow out through overwhelmed stormwater drains (Cousins & Hill, 2021).

The US EPA’s most recent comprehensive Clean Watersheds Needs Survey 2012 Report to Congress estimated that 14,748 publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) provide wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal service to more than 238 million people in the United States. This amount equates to approximately 85 cubic kilometers of wastewater, that is generated per person a year. To provide some perspective, 1 cubic kilometer of wastewater is 1 trillion liters—about 220 billion US gallons!

With water becoming an increasingly precious resource, the need to process wastewater efficiently and effectively is an absolute necessity. Apex Companies can provide the support you need, when you need it. Whether performing routine maintenance or managing a crisis situation, our wastewater engineers and professional consultants are skilled in all aspects of wastewater design, maintenance, and optimization.

Engineers assesing waste water treatment plant with industrial drone
Pipes in waste water treatment facility

Our Wastewater Services

  • Design and installation
  • Treatability studies
  • Zero discharge closed loop evaluations
  • Water usage reduction audits
  • Wastewater audits for reduction in operations and maintenance (O&M) costs
  • Permitted wastewater discharge compliance
  • Wastewater chemical dosing benchtop testing
  • Existing monitoring and telemetry systems upgrades
  • Existing control systems upgrades
  • O&M and manual preparation
  • Wastewater treatment system operator training
  • pH and ORP probe calibration

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