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Preliminary estimates prevented remediation and redevelopment of a contaminated brownfield site. Apex’s investigation and action plan priced at only 15% of the original estimate was accepted by the Indiana DEP and the city, and saved the client over $30M.


It’s a fact—every aspect of real estate is confronted with the potential for compliance and liability issues. It is Apex’s mission to help our real estate clients manage those issues and turn liabilities into assets. We are more than just top-notch technical consultants—we are business partners to many of the nation’s leading construction firms, developers, financial institutions, and property managers. Whether we’re performing due diligence, managing stormwater, operating and maintaining utilities, abating hazardous materials, or cleaning up contamination, we partner with our real estate clients and consistently save them millions of dollars on business transactions, remediation costs, and operating expenses. Ultimately, we make deals happen.

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